what's a love story if you can't see it happen?

helloooooo my name is melissa and this is a blog about zoella & other youtubers that tickle my fancy. i follow under the account connotfranta.

Tyler Oakley at MTVu Fandom Awards at Comic-Con (JULY 24TH 2014)

Tyler Oakley at the Young Hollywood Awards (JULY 27TH 2014)

NiomiSmart || Summer Holiday Outfits  


Congratulations on 5 years on YouTube Alfie!

I might not have watched you from the start but I’m so happy I found your videos and to see you change and grow I love to see you happy! 

Your presence on the internet makes me so happy and I hope you get just as much happiness out of being on the internet! 

Thank you so much for making videos!

I Love You :) 


I’ve literally done nothing but sit in front of my tv, eating and binge watching 5SOS videos since the moment I got up today..

French Connection #NeverMissATrick Launch Party (JULY 23RD 2014)

Guardians of the Galaxy UK Premiere (JULY 24TH 2014)


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